IEC & CCATT Course Dates Announced


The IEC Advanced course is the most advanced, up to date trauma course currently available to non-health care professionals in the UK.


It covers all the skills proposed by the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care and the Chief Fire Officers Association (National Fire & Rescue Trauma Conference, 2011).Designed in conjunction with Fire & Rescue specialists, police, military and NHS professionals, it is delivered by instructors who work at the cutting edge of pre and in-hospital care.

The aim of the course is to reduce preventable pre-hospital deaths by training candidates to identify and treat life-threatening emergencies and prepare casualties for rapid evacuation to hospital. Originally tailored for Fire & Rescue Services, where it is widely adopted, it is ideal for any emergency services and law enforcement or security personnel, including those working in remote areas. With specific modules for burns, suspension trauma and crush injuries, we can also add further modules including blast and ballistic injury, and all the requirements of the National Police Firearms Training Curriculum D.13 modules or whatever may be required to suit you and your environment or workplace.


There is also the option of our ‘train the trainer’ bolt-on, so you can cascade the training within your organisation under a Trauma Resus licence, with continued support and clinical governance

Dates for this course:
22nd-24th February 2016
25th-27th April 2016

For bookings or more information, please visit:

The Critical Care Advanced Transfer Training  course is aimed at all those involved with the transport of critically ill patients including doctors, nurses, ODPs, paramedics and ambulance/emergency technicians, plus many more who are involved in intra-hospital or hospital-hospital transfers.


Dates for this course:
Friday 29th January 08:30 – 17:00
Friday 27th May 08:30 – 17:00

– For group bookings, please contact Adam on 01925 551784 or 
– For individual bookings or more information, please visit:


Do you have asthma? Are you Winter-ready?

With the cold weather just round the corner, please ensure that anyone who has Asthma is Asthma-Ready.  Cold air triggers asthma symptoms in 3 out of 4 people with asthma.  Asthma UK have published a short guide to help avoid any asthma attacks.  Be #WinterReady during this cold weather!  Further information can be found on their website at


National Fire, Rescue & Trauma Conference 2015

Many thanks to everyone who attended the National Fire, Rescue and Trauma conference on Friday 20th & Saturday 21st November 2015 at Chester Racecourse.

The event has been very successful and saw many speakers from a wide range of professionals within the medical and Trauma community.

We would also like to extend our thanks to Lewis Medical Supplies who were our platinum sponsors. Also a big thanks to all the exhibitors, charities, delegates and staff who have all made the conference possible

We look forward to the National Fire, Rescue and Trauma 2016 conference but for now, we look back at some of the highlights of the two days with fond memories of friends we all met, old or new….

‘Traumatic Mistakes’

Introducing our next expert speaker for Trauma2015….

‘Traumatic Mistakes….’

Dr Shane Wilde MBBS DipODP

Following a life as a rock musician signed to Geffen in Los Angeles, Shane worked as an Operating Department Practitioner for many years, specialising in major trauma and working on the adult and pediatric major trauma and crash teams in London.
He then studied medicine, and now works as a doctor on the trauma team and in intensive care.

He attended the Royal Navy School of Leadership and Management, and studied the Apothecaries’ Medical Management of Conflict and Catastrophes; having been first on-scene at many major incidents, he is now the Medical Director of Heathrow’s Fire and Rescue Service. He recently completed a second tour of duty working on the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service in Johannesburg gaining huge experience in dealing with serious trauma in very difficult situations, and is on the UK International Emergency Trauma Register.

He flies light aircraft in his spare time, and to-date still has the same number of landings as take-offs!


‘The London Bombing Campaign 2005’

Introducing our next expert speaker for Trauma2015….

‘The London Bombing Campaign 2005’

Mr John Conway,
John Conway has been a Police officer for thirty years. During that time he served a Patrol officer, Public Order Officer and then for the last 17 years of his service, he was a Specialist Firearms Officer for the Metropolitan Police Service. The department he
worked for has had a few name changes over the years! SO19 to
CO19 and now SCO19.

From 1996 John spent 5 years on Firearms Operations. In 2002 he qualified as a National Firearms Instructor. He then specialised in Abseil, Maritime and Close quarter combat
Instruction. He devised and implemented The Police use of Firearms on Motorcycles; some countries in Europe have implemented these tactics.  His Firearms career alternated between selection and continuation training of Specialist Firearms Officers and the planning of and being involved in, various types of Firearms operations.

He has given talks both Nationally and Internationally to Police and Government agencies on Police Critical Incidents. During his service he has been commended nine times and has
been involved in 4 Police Shootings.
After retiring from the Police in 2013, he worked in the Private Security Industry as a Close Protection Officer.

In 2014 he joined the London Ambulance Service. He now works
as Emergency Ambulance Crew.