“To protect or not to protect?  With regards to protecting the C-Spine, this has been very much a debatable subject over the years.  Are we any closer to an answer?

Will the future of our pre-hospital emergency care courses change based on best practice and the most up to date guidelines?  Our dedicated Clinical Governance Committee will be reviewing this very subject very soon.

Cervical collar evidence
Scancrit having promoted a rethink of the use of cervical collars the recent years. As with many other areas in medicine, especially emergent settings, data is lacking.

Our belief is that we have to reach a conclusion on the data we’ve got. This is similar to how we have to make decisions on emergent patients without knowing the full story or background; You work with what you got, and adjust as you get new information. Too many guideline bodies walk away from that responsibility and end up with recommending nothing but more research urgently needed.


*** Until any official communication by your individual Clinical Leads, then no changes are to be made/adapted.  All clients will be notified on an individual basis.


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